Gift'd Expressions & Michael David Watson


As a shop Gift'd Expressions Produces Inspirational Prints Framed Art and original Paintings by MichaelWatsonArt. Along with its art sales, Gift'd Expressions offers classes, Paint Nights, and is on tour throughout the year at several Art Shows and Arts and Craft Venues as a vendor & networking with various other organizations, sponsors and ministries. Through Gift'd Expressions Michael seeks to share the gift and testimony of Prophetic Art, and inspire through Live Painting, Classes, Shows, and digital prints with the message of God inspired Creativity.  



Born & raised in Cleveland Ohio Michael currently resides with his wife and three kids as a husband and father first, a Pastor, Author and Artist. Michael has been painting since he was 5 years old trying to imitate Bob Ross on Sunday mornings, and fell in love with the canvas in high school. As a young artist Michael was recognized by local and national competitions, at one point being sponsored by several art organizations, congressional art sponsors including Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Congresswoman from Cleveland Ohio and has had artwork hanging in the white house that is still a part of the late Stephanie Tubbs-Jones collection. Michael attended the Cleveland Institute of art for a short period of time then attending bible school to become a minister, only later picking up the brush again as a call from God. Michael paints live at events, conferences and churches as a prophetic artist. He also hosts several classes throughout the year as a prophetic art instructor, and has had artwork featured in several galleries and well known places abroad.



Out of several live painting sessions, and within his studio Michael has generated some great pieces; primarily Acrylic, Oil and Mixed media paintings on canvas. Along side his drawings sketches and watercolor gestures he has developed great prints out of these originals. Michael began Gift'd Expressions to make his original artwork available and more accessible to fund his gift, painting studio and supplies needed as a thriving artist. It started with MichaelWatsonArt on and art tables at his Church as he took the most inspirational aspects of his work and made the images into prints with written expressions, scripture, & inspiration… Later Michael decided that  that MichaelWatsonArt needed a new name and new brand to launch a campaign larger than himself, and what better name than Gift'd Expressions to define the business and platform. Gift'd - Meaning Talent or God given ability and Expressions - Meaning taking that talent and Gifting and expressing it in every way possible, also highlighting the particular expressions that are accented on most of the prints.