Gift'd Expressions Featured in Etsy Magazine!

Recently Gift'd Expressions has been highlighted in one of Etsy's current articles along with many other amazing shops. From a few Prints in 2014 to Etsy and now shows, Paint Nights, Classes, and Live painting across the City of Cleveland. I am excited about new opportunities and whats next!

I began Gift'd Expressions to make the large paintings and already sold pieces available, more accessible and to fund my gift, painting studio and supplies as a thriving artist. It started with Michael Watson Art on and art tables at my Church as I took the most inspirational aspects of my work and made the images into prints with written expressions... Almost a year later I knew that it needed a new name and new brand and what better name than Gift'd Expressions to define the business and platform. Gift'd - Meaning Talent or God given ability and Expressions - Meaning taking that talent and Gifting and expressing it in every way possible, also highlighting the particular expressions that are accented on most of the prints.

Whats New

Recently I have stepped into some new areas, including Art Classes and Paint Nights that are soon Going to be available as well as several more shows and sales throughout the rest of the year. So be on the lookout for the next show, meet the artist and catch some great art sales as I make most of my work available at these events!

Catch Us This Weekend!

Sunday June 11th I will be in Columbus Ohio With Avant-Garde Arts & Craft shows. All my newest Prints and Work will be Available! 2017 COLUMBUS SUMMER AVANT-GARDE ART & CRAFT SHOW Makoy Event Center5462 Center St., Hilliard, OH 43026Sunday, June 11th, 201710:00am-4:00pm